i am

[A] an artist who makes films and other things.
[B] overly empathetic, and hyper-sensitive.
[C] someone who likes human beings.
[D] a maker of mean, dirty, visual things that people either laugh at or cry to.
[E] still the kid who likes Die Hard.
[F] a former, young, anti-authoritarian individualistic libertarian anarchist without portfolio.
[G] now old, and the same, but with portfolio.
[H] inspired by rugged individuals, but not down with the concept of rugged individualism.
[I] singing songs with nonsense words while working.
[J] up early. Every day.
[K] generally refusing to over-think, or group-think, or take short-cuts to thinking.
[L] of the opinion you should do things even when everyone doubts what you’re doing.
[M] actually homeless.
[N] going to end up in the desert, but unsure how to get there.
[O] a crazy person who actually SEES THINGS sometimes. 
[P] struggling to remember the last time I actually played a musical instrument.
[Q] the least athletic sports fan. Ever.
[R] an only child with 2 step-brothers and 2 step-sisters.
[S] going on a run in every city that I travel to.
[T] on a 36 year journey to right now.
[U] trying to get people to read the RZA’s “Tao of Wu".
[V] doing what I do because I've been fired from everything else, including making coffee.
[W] very honored to have been featured in the DAZED 100.
[X] someone who thinks "unfinished" is the most exciting place to be when making something.
[Y] a believer that anyone can do anything.
[Z] only ever wanting to get the things in my head out of my head.  


For general inquiries:
ATC Management
Craig Newman
310 276 3100

For film, TV, & lit:
Simon Faber
310 246 3144

For commercials, content, & music videos in USA, UK & Europe:
Tim Nash
+44 (0)20 3487 1270

in France & Asia:
Cadence Films
Lorenzo Ragionieri
+331 55 33 16 50

For photography:
Cadence Image
Casey Flanegan
+1 (212) 226-8204