Filmmaker, writer, photographer.
Based in New York & Napoli.

Selected Work

TELFAR 2020 - WATCH 1 & 2

“It was a show that felt open and pushed at what a fashion show can be. Importantly, it used this openness and expansiveness to contrast against the restrictive and conservative nature of much of modern America. As the models walked out, a voiceover from a projected film -- directed by Clayton Vomero --talked about immigration, while showing large expanses of water to represent the Telfar team travelling to Paris. It exploded into joyful song courtesy of Steve Lacy, and featured moving monologues from Ashton Sanders and Jeremy O Harris that touched on Whitman and Shakespeare.” - ID Magazine


“Kaleidoscopic is one of the words used to describe the work of Clayton Vomero, his narratives finding their flow not in the rules of time but in the intricate routes of the mind.” - The London Magazine


“Throughout Pai Nosso (“Our Father”), an emotive short documentary directed by Clayton Vomero, 23-year-old DJ and producer Firmeza grapples with questions of loneliness and faith. He says, unequivocally, he is not religious; but he laughs off the idea that heaven doesn’t exist. For him the truth is something unknowable, something in between.  Simmering beneath these domestic scenes, darkly omnipresent, are two intertwined things: the tight, dense percussion of Firmeza’s music, and the subject of his father, who passed away in 2015.” - FADER


“a dance film classic” - DAZED

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