“The show this season was described as ‘a radical kind of creative collaboration’ bringing together sound, video and performance. He’d assembled an enviable cast of co-creators: Dean Blunt, Steve Lacy, Arca, Ashton Sanders, Oyinda, Juliana Huxtable, Jeremy O Harris, Diamond Stingily, Ian Isiah and Petra Collins all had a part to play in the evening. The venue La Cigale, a space in Pigalle that's been a cabaret, cinema, nightclub, concert venue, felt apt. It was a show that felt open and pushed at what a fashion show can be. Importantly, it used this openness and expansiveness to contrast against the restrictive and conservative nature of much of modern America.

As the models walked out, a voiceover from a projected film -- directed by Clayton Vomero --talked about immigration, while showing large expanses of water to represent the Telfar team travelling to Paris. It exploded into joyful song courtesy of Steve Lacy, and featured moving monologues from Ashton Sanders and Jeremy O Harris that touched on Whitman and Shakespeare.”
- i.D.